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LIVAR boosts productivity through digital transformation

Livar's business renewal is based on the vision of becoming the first choice of selected customers for castings, machining, and assembly, based on motivated employees and centers of excellence.

The company has set a strategy to invest heavily in the future in optimizing, automating, and digitizing production processes and other areas of the company.

They have recently completed the first phase of the digital transformation of their machining plant, which gives them full traceability of both production processes and the entire material flow, allowing them to monitor production at all times.

About Livar

Livar has been in business since 1954 and is one of the largest foundries in Slovenia. It employs over 600 people in two foundries and two municipalities. It is a specialised foundry for the production of grey and ductile iron products and mechanical processing.


Paperless production

Paperless production not only captures data in real time, eliminating errors
and improving information flow and productivity, it certainly offers enormous savings on
in the field of document printing.

Reducing human error

By ensuring that all stakeholders in the company have the information they need to work effectively at all times, the risk of errors is drastically reduced.

Real-time monitoring

The introduction of real-time monitoring is certainly reflected in the integration between

different systems. And with seamless integration and connectivity, complete transparency and control is achieved.

Increases in productivity

By monitoring production in real-time, it is possible to optimize and adjust the production process at any time in order to achieve higher productivity.


"We have fully embraced paperless production, so work orders are completely electronic. Also digitized are the preparation, planning, and execution of individual work order operations, closing, and quality assurance. This ensures that we can fully monitor the actual status of the machines at all times, monitor the achievement of norms, monitor any downtime, including the causes and duration of downtime, plan and control the consumption of materials and tools by machine, and monitor the quantities produced, including the corresponding quality."

Sašo Malerič,
Director of Machining Department, Livar

Why did LIVAR decide to go digital?

The company's management is production-oriented and monitors key production indicators daily, and coordinates the implementation of corrective actions.

The decision to go for a gradual digital transformation was based on past challenges, mainly in production process planning, monitoring, and production efficiency.


At the beginning of 2018, they turned to Kolektor Sisteh for help and started the digital transformation and implementation of Sinapro.IIoT.MES.

In-depth knowledge of production systems and management technologies in the process and bulky goods industries was essential for successfully implementing the first phase of the digital transformation.

Selected customers:

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