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We support your production processes with modern digital technologies. This saves time, money and reduces the chance of human error.

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Process manufacturing

(chemistry, coatings, insulation and building materials)


Automated tracking of all materials and liquids present in production. Integration with RFID and barcode readers.


Real-time management of production lines and equipment. Integration of data coming from several different systems from PLC's, DC's, SCADA and BATCH systems.


Ability to automatically manage material stocks in real time. Inventory levels are subsequently updated in the ERP with consumption or batching data.


The advanced formulation system communicates with the control-control level via standard communication interfaces for the management and control (batch/continuous) of the technological process.


Bulk manufacturing

(automotive, assembly and assembly, metal forming, plastics, electronics)


Automatic collection of production data to reduce manual data entry, improve accuracy and speed up management processes.


Managing and controlling production and sales in a company using a single
centralised solutions.


An integrated production system for traceability and transparency
the entire supply chain.


By providing highly detailed data in real time, a better understanding of processes is provided, enabling faster and better business decision-making.


Hybrid manufacturing

(process changeover between bulk and in-process production)


Compliance with cGMP requirements to ensure that appropriate procedures are applied and enforced at every step of the production process.


Verification of the authorization to operate the lines is carried out with the relevant information and digital signatures.


Continuous verification of certificates and standards, covering line checks and ensuring that materials are controlled through appropriate sampling activities.


The electronic batch production record enables secure and comprehensive data monitoring and advanced analysis of all activities in production.

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Increasing production efficiency


Cost reduction


Savings on printed materials


Capturing data

Automatic data capture from machines, lines and devices.

Digital production

Advanced visualization of standard procedures.

Paperless production

Digitization of the production process and documentation.

Predictive manufacturing

Predictive analytics and intelligent scheduling.

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Process transformation means moving from traditional processes to more efficient digital systems that can dramatically increase efficiency and improve all aspects of operations.

A leading methodological approach to complex digital transformation processes is phased to make it more manageable and transparent.

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We have integrated more than 1 million signals into various production management systems MES and IIoT implementations.

"The implementation of Sinapro.IIoT.MES has enabled Livar to significantly increase the productivity of production processes in the machining sector without any additional organizational changes."

Sašo Malerič

Director of Machining Department, Livar

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