Sinapro.IIoT.MES as the basic building block of a smart factory!

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A sophisticated production management system.

A manufacturing execution system (MES) solution that works as an IIoT platform in the cloud and with all its functionalities enables the complete implementation of all the functions of a smart factory.


We support your production processes with modern digital technologies. This saves time, money and reduces the chance of human error.

The solution is based on the internationally validated RAMI 4.0 Future Factory Architecture (IEC 62890, IEC 62264, IEC 61512...) and supports a range of standards such as MIMOSA, ISA95, MESA, CEP.

Accurate and timely production reports are crucial for the decision-making process.

Possible overviews and comparisons of different parts of plants and companies over time.


Keeping staff and top management informed and providing key information for strategic decision-making.


Planning and scheduling for health check and production process management purposes.

Managing and scheduling production according to the availability of materials, labour and plant capacity.


Tracking material, resources, data and information collection, electronic work orders and internal communication.


Advanced technology solution with artificial intelligence and machine learning

The solution includes the latest technologies and the most advanced devices.

The solution can run on your existing hardware and advanced innovative hardware. 

We develop, implement and maintain modern management systems for integrated and digitalized production.

Experienced integrated solutions development and integration team with 30 years of experience in implementing projects in manufacturing companies.

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We have integrated more than 1 million signals into various production management systems MES and IIoT implementations.

"The implementation of Sinapro.IIoT.MES has enabled Livar to significantly increase the productivity of production processes in the machining sector without any additional organizational changes."

Sašo Malerič

Director of Machining Department, Livar

Capturing data

Automatic data capture from machines, lines and devices.

Digital production

Advanced visualization of standard procedures.

Paperless production

Digitization of the production process and documentation.

Predictive manufacturing

Predictive analytics and intelligent scheduling.

Your partner on the digital transformation journey

Embark on a digital transformation of your processes

Process transformation means moving from traditional processes to more efficient digital systems that can dramatically increase efficiency and improve all aspects of operations.

A leading methodological approach to complex digital transformation processes is phased to make it more manageable and transparent.

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