Consultancy from the design of architecture, infrastructure, and digital solutions to their development and final implementation

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Digital transformation consultancy is a service that helps manufacturing plants add new business value through technology.
What do we offer in the field of digital transformation consultancy?
Digital Transformation Consulting is a service that helps companies to design their digital transformation strategy and, at the same time, provides support in the implementation and introduction of new innovative solutions in the production process. The consultancy's aim is closely linked to the improvement of production efficiency indicators through the implementation of state-of-the-art technologies.
Our experts with years of experience analyze a company's technology infrastructure, processes, people, and organization. Based on the snapshot they create, they propose meaningful actions to ensure the organization's short-term success while maintaining sustainable long-term improvement.
Digital transformation is a complex process that will take place over several years, so it is safe to say that digital transformation is a journey that connects the different areas of a manufacturing company into a whole, with the ultimate goal of improving its performance.

Steps in the digital transformation consulting process

A leading methodological approach to complex digital transformation processes is phased to make it more manageable and transparent.

Digital maturity assessment

Focused and structured completion and handover of crucial information leading to a digital maturity assessment. Strategy and actions aligned with the company's business objectives.

Personalised meetings with our advisors

After all processes and elements have been captured, the solution is configured based on the functional description of the operation that we and your team have produced together.

Preparation of a gap analysis

The analysis includes a presentation and a proposal of actions to focus on as a priority.

Introducing the measures and defining the technology

The presentation of the results requires the presence of the management and the individual stakeholders who participated in the interviews for the Digital Maturity Assessment. 

Implementation and delivery plan

Final approval of the implementation of new solutions and definition of implementation deadlines, key milestones, and targets.

What can you expect from the advice?

The world is moving faster and faster, driven by the extraordinary breakthroughs of digitalization and technology, and competition is getting stronger. However, most organizations lack the awareness, expertise, or workforce to complete their digital transformation.

Digital transformation advisory services provide companies with the know-how and experience to ensure that digital technologies and company strategies are integrated, thereby reducing the risk of failure.

Our experts support you and pass on the unique value they have gained from working on different worldwide projects. The domain knowledge is strongly linked to our global expertise in working with hundreds of companies on similar topics. This also applies to digital transformation.

Our digital transformation work follows the international Acatech Industry 4.0 digital maturity model, which comprises six stages of maturity - digitalization, connectivity, visibility, transparency, predictability, and autonomy.

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Why choose us?

Explore what digital transformation makes possible

With extensive experience, numerous references, and in-depth knowledge in engineering, automation, computerization, and integration of various solutions, we help you build the infrastructure for an efficient digital transformation of your manufacturing company.

Increasing production efficiency


Cost reduction


Savings on printed materials


Capturing data

Automatic data capture from machines, lines and devices.

Digital production

Advanced visualization of standard procedures.

Paperless production

Digitization of the production process and documentation.

Predictive manufacturing

Predictive analytics and intelligent scheduling.

Your partner on the digital transformation journey

Embark on a digital transformation of your processes

Process transformation means moving from traditional processes to more efficient digital systems that can dramatically increase efficiency and improve all aspects of operations.

A leading methodological approach to complex digital transformation processes is phased to make it more manageable and transparent.

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We have integrated more than 1 million signals into various production management systems MES and IIoT implementations.

"The implementation of Sinapro.IIoT.MES has enabled Livar to significantly increase the productivity of production processes in the machining sector without any additional organizational changes."

Sašo Malerič

Director of Machining Department, Livar

Are you ready to enter the digital age and solve concrete challenges with advanced and intelligent technology?

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