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TIK is on a successful digital transformation journey

Quality is a crucial element of its business in all its aspects and processes. Commitment to quality is the company's basic orientation and most important value. The decision to go digital is therefore not unexpected.

TIK has recently completed the first phase of digitization, which gives them a complete view of their production processes, allowing them to monitor production and its indicators.

About company TIK d.o.o.

TIK d.o.o., based in Kobarid, is a company engaged in producing disposable medical devices. With a 60-year tradition of manufacturing medical devices, it is the largest manufacturer of this type in Slovenia. It aims to become a well-known manufacturer of medical devices in Europe and an indispensable partner for European distributors.


Real-time monitoring

The introduction of real-time monitoring is certainly reflected in the integration between

different systems. And with seamless integration and connectivity, complete transparency and control is achieved.

Real-time production performance indicators

The introduction of real-time monitoring has resulted in various indicators (OEE) of production performance, which provide an accurate view of the state of production at any given moment and allow a faster response to events for more efficient production.

Increases in productivity

By monitoring production in real-time, it is possible to optimize and adjust the production process at any time in order to achieve higher productivity.


»Despite the epidemic, 2020 was a record year for Tik Ltd in terms of business.

We realized 13% more revenue than planned and 6% more than the previous year. We ended 2020 with a realization of around €7 million."

Petra Borovinšek
CEO of TIK d.o.o.

Why did TIK decide to go in digital transformation?

The company's management is focused on production and the highest product quality and coordinates the implementation of production processes.

The decision to go for a gradual digital transformation was based on market challenges, mainly in the areas of procurement and delivery, as well as production control and monitoring to ensure operational efficiency.


We develop, implement and maintain modern management systems for integrated and digitalized production.

Experienced integrated solutions development and integration team with 30 years of experience in implementing projects in manufacturing companies.

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